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Valulink Real Estate focuses on providing sales and service for newly built and previously owned affordable housing in the Gauteng area. Offering various plans to suit your needs on a full title stand. Our on-site sales agents are available to meet your sales needs in Clayville Extension 45.

Clayville Extension 45 is located in Tembisa, Midrand and has been identified as one of the Mega Projects in Gauteng, the Clayville/Tembisa Mega Housing Development.

The development will consist of a total of 3 222 residential units – 50 homes are being built a month and 475 clients have already occupied their homes.

Package prices in Phase 2 are starting from R 369 500.

Clients need to earn a minimum of R 14 000 per month per month before deductions, either as a single applicant or alternatively, combined gross salaries with a co-applicant.

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